2010 Shag hairstyles tips

Shag hairstyles are a hairstyle that consists of numerous amounts of layers throughout the mane, and than the hair at the end is slightly flipped.
Shag hairstyles can be worn short or long, however most shag hairstyles vary between ears, neck and chin length. Shag hairstyles are great because they are full of life, body and bounce and they still remain stylish.

Another great thing about the shag hairstyle is that they can be worn by men and women. Shag haircuts are a great look for people who love care-free hairstyles and little maintenance.
Like with any other hairstyle, shag hairstyles also needs regular care in order to look beautiful. Here are some simple tips to follow:
1. A basic trim every 4-8 weeks is required with shag hairstyle.
2. Wash and shampoo hair regularly.
 3. Condition the hair as needed, since conditioning the hair will help the hair remain healthy as well as prevent tangling of those gorgeous layers.
 4. Voluminzers and hairsprays work best for keeping your shag in place.
It is best to keep your shag at a short to medium length to get effective results that promote, body, bounce and shine that will have you looking young and luxurious as ever.

Short Shag Hairstyles
While the back of the hair has a little less layers, short shag hairstyles frame the face and are full of lots of layers on the top and the front of the head, , but is still does not compromise the volume of the hairstyle.

Medium Shag Hairstyle
Medium Shag hairstyles can consist of few to many layers. Numerous amounts of layers will fluff the hair and add additional volume; while fewer layers give a more defined and sleek look.
Long Shag Hairstyles for Women
Long shag hairstyles are your personal preference, however when choosing a long shag it is best to use very few layers due to the long length.